Antique Furniture Restoration

Antique Furniture Restoration

At Navascues, we recognise that the conservation and care of antique furniture is essential to protect items for the future. That’s why we use the right materials and methods coupled with over 40 years’ experience to give us the great advantage of understanding the common problems and changing environmental conditions that antiques are subject to today.

We work closely with our customers throughout the restoration process to ensure that their aesthetic and functionality needs are met, as well as providing customers with insight into the interesting history of their piece. We are strongly committed to protecting the integrity of antique pieces with respect to the original carvings and design.

As one of the leading antique furniture restoration specialists in Melbourne, we have been entrusted with many of Melbourne’s most treasured heirlooms from Great-Grandad’s favourite old chair to museum quality pieces, building a portfolio we are very proud of.

The value of these antique pieces cannot be expressed with a dollar figure – they are a part of our collective heritage, and that is why we continue to specialise in antique furniture restoration, so Melbourne customers can bring their little piece of history to us for the love and attention it deserves.

Customers are encouraged to drop by our Preston workshop to see the care with which we will treat your treasure and to gain an insight into the meticulous work of antique furniture restoration. Melbourne has such a rich and fascinating history, and much of that is reflected in the changing designs and trends of furniture. From imported furniture, to the pieces wrought in British and European styles from beautiful Australian timbers, every table, chair or lounge tells a story and we want to play a part in ensuring that story continues.

This website showcases a small sample of our antique restoration work and highlights the revitalisation of some items of furniture with the investment of our time, labour and expertise.