Furniture Restoration Melbourne

Mid-Century And Retro Furniture Restoration

Mid-century and retro furniture has become increasingly popular across Melbourne in recent years. And we couldn’t be happier. Nothing compares to the sleek and stylish lines of mid-century Scandanavian furniture or the retro-chic of art deco designs.

At Navascues, we provide expert mid-century and retro furniture restoration across Melbourne. We specialise in repairing, restoring and reupholstering mid-century, vintage and retro furniture in all styles and designs. We believe that each piece of furniture is a unique piece of history. That’s why we use only the best materials and traditional techniques for all repairs and restoration work.

Whether it’s an old family dining table, a set of retro dining chairs or an op-shop treasure, we can repair and restore any piece of furniture to its former glory. From vintage and retro styles to Featherston or Parker furniture, we can repair and restore it to its original condition or completely reupholster it for a funky new look.

At Navascues, we believe that any piece of vintage or retro furniture has the potential to be a beautiful statement piece. All it takes is a little love and attention from Melbourne’s furniture restoration experts.

So, forget about buying bland, new furniture. Let Navascues Upholstery inject some personalised style and flair into your home today.

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